Product Summary

The M82610G-14 is one member of the M82610 family which designed as the carrier convergence processor. It delivers the industry’s highest level of inte-gration and combines powerful DSP cores optimized for voice processing and a flexible packetprocessing engine. Its DSP cores are architected to maximize the density of SMV (IS-893), the latest speech coder used in CDMA2000. Also it can be used in next generation networks (NGN), media gateways, wireless base transceiver stations (BTSs) and node-Bs, base station controllers (BSCs),radio network controllers (RNCs), mobile switching centers (MSCs), digital loop carriers (DLCs) and optical line terminals (OLTs) for passive optical networks (PONs), digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAMs), class 4 and 5 switches, integrated access devices (IADs), IP private branch exchanges (PBXs), ATM switches and IP routers.


Features:(1)404 G.711 channels of carrier-class voice;(2)168 channels of G.729 a/b;(3)G.168-2002 compliant echo canceller;(4)inte-grated packet processor and digital signal processor;(5)VoIP & VoATM AAL2/5;(6)CAS signaling;(7)G.7xx, T.38;(8)QCELP8/13K, EVRC, SMV;(9)AMR;(10)AES, DES, 3DES, MMH authentication.




Data Sheet